About Company
To be a preferred BUILDER in south East Asia.

 To provide superior customer service and satisfy customer needs
 To provide excellence Quality Assurance and continuous improvement in our final products
 To be mindful and caring responsible Builder/ Employer
M&M Project Approach

We take responsibility for your project to success. At every stage, the advice we offer will be aimed exclusively and impartially towards that goal. We will work in partnership with you and other team members from the outset to assess the viability of the project, address the risks, establish clear objectives and devise the right strategy for achieving them.
M&M Project Expertise & Capability

Our team members have the technical skills, practical experience and commercial awareness to deliver the highest standards of service. All have direct experience of managing a wide variety of projects from inception right through to operation, and have proved their ability to meet demanding cost, time and performance objectives working for Clients. Our project managers are experienced team players, but they are also capable of providing the leadership that produces the most co-ordinated and effective solutions.

Cost and Construction Management Consultants.  Generally our role is to provide cost and management advice to the clients’ project manager and interface with other members of the construction management team. Primarily our role is to manage all commercial aspects of the project on behalf of the client to ensure project completion on time and within budget including:

 Preparation of overall project budgets
 Tender documentation review
 Interim valuation assessments and monthly cost reports
 Final account preparation
 General commercial advice as required

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